A not-mural outdoor painting

My neighbour has commissioned me to make a painting that will hang outdoors. Not a mural. So, it’s been intensive research into what materials would withstand the elements. I found some “sign-painter’s board” (or Crezon, or MDO -medium density overlay) and now I want to use the most vibrant outdoor paint possible. I drafted a design through Photoshop, but it will be in the end 6′ x 6′! Might have to play with the scale of the birds…

The digital sketch for the outdoor painting


Loud kids concerts

My daughter is hard of hearing. She was identified late at 3 and a half years old because she can hear mid and low frequencies but not high ones, like “s” and “f” and birds singing and tea kettles whistling. She got her first hearing aids when she was four. They have been  miraculous! I call them “magic ears”. Anyway, this past weekend in Toronto, we went to our school’s Fun(d) Fair, and our street’s rock festival and now this afternoon a kid’s rock festival. All of these events are really really loud. Now, you would think that for a hearing impaired child that would be helpful! But no! Hearing aids, unlike glasses with vision, do not correct your hearing. They amplify sounds. So, you can imagine if the concert’s too loud for me, what it would be like for her!

But she’s stubborn, and told me she was fine and wouldn’t turn off the aids or take them out.

So in my new job…


So in my new job as Assistant Professor I actually get paid to do my own work! Which is not going so well. I had to change my studio into a short term bedroom for my 80 year old parents. And then they left and I have a huge sofabed in it which takes up valuable wall space!

Right now there’s only a few days left of school which means I have little time to get work done!  That little drawing above the couch was done by me and my daughter.
Don’t worry paint and paintbrushes! Here I come!