New Work

I’m starting a series of large drawings based on blue and white Chinoiserie style patterns, usually found on china plates. One particularly famous pattern is called “Blue Willow”. What’s interesting to me about these Chinoiserie blue and white patterns is that they were inspired by pottery that was imported into Europe in the 16th century. The scenes that are painted are fantastical and imagined Chinese scenarios.

In this drawing here, I decided to juxtapose the blue and white Chinoiserie with a Chinese restaurant take-out container, a mockingbird and koi.Enjoy


Labels, contained

I decided to mount the labels on a board, with T-pins, like specimens. My daughter, in a meltdown fury, had ripped up a few of these little drawings into tiny pieces. I of course was devastated but decided to use this act of destruction into a work of creation. The last two drawings pinned up are glued together, and the rest sit in a pile at the bottom.


Labels, contained.